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Learn to Read: Sight Words

Learn to Read: Sight Words mobile app
Help build your child's vocabulary with common sight words, beginning consonants blends (dr-ag, dr-um, dr-aw), ending consonants blends (so-ft, lo-ft, gi-ft), and various word families (am, Sam, jam). This simple but very effective app contains more than 500 words! It has also been proven to increase a child's understanding of rhymes and word families.

Sight words – Common sight words
Beginning consonants - (dr-ag, dr-um, dr-aw), 20 word groups and the beginning blends are highlighted in green
Ending consonants blends - (so-ft, lo-ft, gi-ft), 13 word groups and the ending blends are highlighted in green
Word families – Contains 22 word families (am, Sam, jam / b-ad, p-ad, s-ad)
Track Progress - You can track the progress of the words viewed
Automatic mode - Words appear every 4 seconds
Swipe mode - The user controls the frequency of the words and can swipe to see the next word

• Recognition of sight words, beginning/ending consonants blends, and word families
• Helps young readers identify short and vowel sounds (CVC pattern)
• Phonemic awareness (phonics)
• Early literacy preparation

• Boys and girls ages 3 to 7
• Beginning readers* Struggling readers, up to age 8
• English-language learners
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