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Math and Reading Apps!

Fruit Rockets Multiplication - Grade 3+

A multiplication and division game that allows kids to practice multiplication and division facts. (Updated to version 1.2)

• Thousands of multiplication and division problems.
• 40 combined multiplication and division levels.
• Multiplication and division facts 0 - 12.
• Engaging characters, animations, and sound effects that keep kids engaged.
Free downloadable multiplication and division worksheets.
4-star rating by the Educational App Store!

Bubbletime First Grade Math - Grade 1

An addition and subtraction game that allows kids to practice basic addition and subtraction facts.

• Thousands of addition and subtraction problems.
• 40 combined addition and subtraction levels.
• Engaging animations, feedback, and sound effects that keep kids engaged.
• Improves recognition of common addition and subtraction facts.
Free downloadable addition and subtraction worksheets.

Learn to Read: Vowel Stories - Age 3+

Parents and teachers in 45 countries have used this app to teach children long and short vowel sounds. The app has been proven to improve reading speed (fluency).

• Contains a story and vocabulary for each vowel sound.
• The app will read to the child while the animated story shows in the background.
• The child has the option of reading the story or tapping the screen to hear the sentence.
• Contains word and sentence count to help with fluency rates.
• Comes with free downloadable worksheets for long and short vowel sounds.

Learn to Read: Sight Words- Age 3+

Contains over 500 sight words that will help build your child's vocabulary.

• Contains common sight words
Beginning consonants with 20 word groups (dr-ag, dr-um, dr-aw)
Ending consonants with 13 words groups (so-ft, lo-ft, gi-ft)).
• 20 words families (Sam, Pam, ham, am).

Learn to Read: Rhyming Stories- Age 3+

Improves reading skills with six fun rhyming stories.

• Contains six stories with colorful rhyming stories.
• Watch a fully animated story with professional voice narration.
• Each story contains vocabulary words.

First Grade Reading and Math App Bundle

Contain 4 apps in one app bundle on iTunes

Learn to Read: Vowel Sounds, Sight Words, & Rhyming and Bubbletime First Grade Math contains 4 apps that help kids build strong literacy and math skills. Download these apps today!