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Your Child Should Hear 21,000 Words Per Day

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A recent article at greatschools.org titled “9 ways to boost your child’s early literacy skills without a book in sight,” recommends that children hear about 21,000 words per day. It also noted that, “a children’s language skills at age 3 predict their language skills at age 9 or 10.” Further, according to the article there are a number of different ways this can be accomplished without reading or writing. Storytelling, having rich discussions, singing, are just a few.

In sum, the article suggests that it is vitally important to expose preschool age children to as many words as possible. It is vital their future academic success. The more words they hear, the better off the will be academically.

After having read this article we were curious to see what 21,000 words looks like on “paper.” So here you go. Just image multiplying the band of 1,000 words by 21. And there are your 21,000 words!:

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