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What is a holistic app learning experience?

Topics: Using a variety of learning tools

We recently introduced a worksheets and activities page on our web site for many of our apps. The purpose of this page is to extend the learning experience beyond the tablet or mobile device by providing parents with a number of worksheets and suggested activities for each of our apps. We call it a holistic app experience. The idea behind a holistic app encounter is to provide young learners with diverse learning experiences centered on the app and activities correlated to the app.This may include a variety of learning strategies and tools that include pencil and paper as well as other tactile activities. This is very similar to blended learning experience where there is a combination of online learning and face-to-face instruction. The holistic app experience also borrows from Neil Fleming’s VARK Model where the teacher or parent provides activities that consider different
learning styles. The VARK model includes:

- Visual learners Auditory learners

- Reading-writing preference learners

- Kinesthetic learners or tactile learners

Our worksheets and activities for our apps are intended to provide parents and educators with a variety of approaches to help children learn more efficiently. It is our intention to provide you with the highest quality learning materials and strategies to get the most out of our educational apps. We update our activities and worksheet page frequently so please check back often. .

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