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Blended Learning: 5 reading activities for Vowel Stories for Beginning Readers

Topics: Reading, long short vowel sounds

We believe that contemporary educators should use multiple tools(visual, audio, kinesthetic) to teach and reinforce concepts. Below are 5 non-tablet activities to use in combination with our Vowel Stories series of learning to read apps. We hope that they can help spice up your lessons!

1. Vowel Stories worksheets - Use our Vowel Stories worksheets that reinforcelong/short vowel sounds and sight words.
2. Use a Digital camera - Using a digital camera take a picture of 10 short/long vowel sounds found in the stories.
3. Use word processing program - Using a word processing program (e.g. Word) type ten sight words your child remembered from the story. Print out the assignment,sign it, and post on the refrigerator!
4. Spelling contest - Have a verbal spelling contest where you ask your child to spell certain words. Spell ten words correctly and someone gets ice cream
5. Drawing - Draw a picture of ten sight words that are nouns(person, place, or thing).

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