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A Closer Look at App Bundles on iTunes

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Apple just enabled an awesome feature that allows users to download multiple apps to an iPad or iPhone. To be more specific, Apple calls this feature an app bundle. App bundles allow users to download a multiple apps in one transaction at a reduced price. Below we provide a closer look at some of the app bundle features:

- Purchase multiple apps in one transaction at a reduced price.

- App bundles have up to 10 apps.

- Complete My Bundle - If you have an app or more in a bundle and would like to purchase the rest of the apps in the bundle you can click on‘Complete My Bundle.’ This allows you to purchase the remaining apps in the bundle at the prorated and discounted price.

- 1 app may be included in up to three app bundles.

What’s so special about Quackenworth app bundles?
We believe our app are uniquely positioned for app bundles. We have several individual series of apps that are most effective when used together. App bundles allow us to combine our apps to target specific needs, e.g. preschool readiness, reading, math games etc. To learn more about our app bundles please visit our App page.

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