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9 Super Bowl Activities to do in Your Classroom

Topics: Classroom activities, math, writing

We here at Quackenworth are big sports fans! Although were refuse to name who we’re rooting for (for fear of losing customers in thatstate!) we would like to suggest a few activities that can be used in the classroom during the Super Bowl Week.

Math: Learn about Roman numerals

Geography: Name five characteristics about the states of Washington and Colorado.

Science: The Super Bowl forecast is expected to be partly cloudy, 38-degrees with 77% humidity and 20% precipitation. Answer the following questions: What is humidity and precipitation? What are the chances it will not rain (80%)?

Writing prompt: “Do you agree with the statement, “The SuperBowl is better served in warm weather climates.” Give five reasons why you agree or disagree with this statement.

Math: Denver quarterback Peyton Manning had 656 passing attempts and 450 completions. What is his passing completion percentage?(450/656 = 68.3%)

Math: Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson had 539 rushing yards and 3,357 passing yards. How many more passing yards did he have than rushing yards?

Science: Name the conditions that are required for it to snow.

Writing prompt: If the weather conditions deteriorate the NFL will post-pone the Super bowl to the next day. Explain the consequences of this action. How would this act affect the local economy, television broadcast,etc.?

Writing prompt: Name five reasons (with supporting evidence)the Seattle Seahawks/Denver Broncos will win the Super Bowl.

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