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Bubbletime Math: Learn Addition and Subtraction

Quickly recalling addition and subtraction facts is key to success in early grade math. Bubbletime Math is a highly focused, fun math game that teaches kids first and second grade addition and subtraction facts. The game has a combined 40 levels and an unlimited number of practice problems. Using Bubbletime Math for only five to ten minutes a day will help your child memorize basic early facts and build their math confidence.

• Improves recognition of common addition and subtraction facts.
• Provides a strong foundation for more advanced elementary math.
• Builds math confidence.
• Highly focused on one skill: recognizing addition and subtraction facts.

Bubbletime Math feels and plays like a real game. It contains fun animations and interactive elements that keep kids engaged. Kids learn addition and subtraction facts by popping the bubble with the correct answer!

Download Bubbletime Math today and start improving your child’s addition and subtraction skills!

Bonus: Download our free companion addition and subtraction math worksheets!

Our free companion addition and subtraction worksheets are provided to you free of charge! We suggest that you use both the Bubbletime Math app and the free worksheets in unison. We believe that traditional and digital educational tools are not in opposition to each other. In fact when used correctly and on a frequent basis, they compliment each other and provide maximum success opportunities.

First Grade Worksheets
Addition worksheets
Subtraction worksheets

Second Grade Worksheets
Addition worksheets
Subtraction worksheets

Strategies for Improving Recall of Basic Addition and Subtraction Facts

Quickly recalling basic math facts is an essential part of math at all levels, but particularly important in the elementary years -- first and second grade. Building a strong foundation in early math skills is the first step in moving on to success in more advanced arithmetic. And if your child cannot quickly recall basic and common addition and subtraction math facts he or she may find it much more challenging to find success in later grades. Below we have provided some basic strategies for improving your child's recall of addition and subtraction facts: