Vowel Stories for Beginning Readers: Flash Cards

Learn  sight words

Ages 3 to 7 | Grades PK to 2

  • Sight words – Common sight words
  • Beginning consonants - (dr-ag, dr-um, dr-aw), 20 word groups and the beginning blends are highlighted in green
  • Ending consonants blends - (so-ft, lo-ft, gi-ft), 13 word groups and the ending blends are highlighted in  green
  • Word families – Contains 22 word families (am, Sam, jam / b-ad, p-ad, s-ad)
  • Track Progress - You can track the progress of the words viewed
  • Automatic mode - words appear every 4 seconds
  • Swipe mode - the user controls the frequency of the words and can swipe to see the next word

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