Remake of (fractured fairy tale books) Cinderella

Remixed Fairy Tales

Salmonella: A Germ-Packed Love Story

ages 4 to 10

Prince Polio has invited germs from all over Germania to the royal ball to dance the Perfect Dance before midnight. The special germ who accomplishes this feat will rule the mighty Kingdom of Germania with Prince Polio until the end of time. Will the lowly Salmonella get the opportunity to dance the Perfect Dance? Will Sally Shingles, Salmonella’s fairy godmother, make it in time to help her? Not a chance if you ask her evil sisters Typhi and Enteria. See who will become the princess of Germania in Quackenworth’s fourth story in the Remix Series, Salmonella: A Germ-packed Love Story.



 Overcoming obstacles, determination, confidence

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