Read & Rhyme Stories Readers

6 fun rhyming stories

Ages 2 to 6 | Grades PK to 2

Read & Rhyme Stories contain six fun, interactive, and engaging early learning stories that improve literacy skills, phonics, and fluency. Parents, teachers, and children all love the stories for their rhythm, rhyming, engaging characters, and vibrant illustrations. The stories include:


  • Kim Likes to Swim
  • Pete Has Big Feet
  • Joe Has a Sore Toe
  • Jenny Found a Penny
  • Mike has a Bike
  • Paul is Tall


Children will learn rhyming, long and short vowel sounds, sight words, and social-emotional skills including compassion, friendship, value, saving, money, exercise, self-acceptance, and more! Throughout the years, these stories have become a trusted source for bed time reading, classroom reading, and simple entertainment.

The stories were written and illustrated by David Hollaway and have been enjoyed by thousands of preschool and elementary kids throughout the globe.


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