Remake of the Gingerbread Man (fractured fairy tale books)

Remixed Fairy Tales

The Gingerbread Scam

ages 4 to 10

For hundreds of years, children from many lands have believed that the Gingerbread Man was eaten by a tricky fox, next to the river. The case was cold and no leads had surfaced for many years. Now, Sheriff Ramirez, with the assistance of the CIA, FBI, KGB, and the California Highway Patrol, has found evidence that shows that the Gingerbread Man may be living in Fairytale Land as a man named the Cornbread Man. With this new evidence, Sheriff Ramirez will prove to the world that the Gingerbread Man is alive and well. Find out the truth in the case of the century, now known as the Gingerbread Scam.



 Integrity, truthfulness, determination


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